Winter White Water Rafting in the US and Where to Find It

February 3, 2023

Winter white water rafting can be tricky to find in the US. On the East cost of the United States, very few rivers run whitewater rafting year-round. Usually, thrill seekers head out west for their winter ski adventures without considering the Chattahoochee River. Thanks to our deep south climate and man-altered, urban whitewater course, we have the unique opportunity to raft year-round.

When looking for whitewater rafting in the winter, look no further than the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, Ga / PC, AL. With milder temperatures and relatively warmer water, this is one of the few venues where rafting can take place throughout the entire year!

Our winter runs are slightly different from our summer runs, with the primary difference being more water, which means bigger rapids. Rainfall hits the Chattahoochee Watershed which spans up toward Atlanta and into the Appalachian Mountains runs into the Chattahoochee River and through the lakes before making it down to us in Columbus, providing us with bigger water and more fun. Due to the way our course was designed, we can raft a variety of different water levels, allowing for an incredible experience for thrill seekers who are willing to brave the cold waters.

Winter White Water Rafting - Chattahoochee River
Winter White Water Rafting - Chattahoochee River

We offer two levels of whitewater rafting year-round, our Classic Trip and our Challenge Trip. Our Classic trip takes around 2 hours and goes down rapids ranging between Class I and Class III. Our Challenge Trip can last up to 3 hours and goes down Class II to V rapids. Our Challenge Trips are also offered laps of Wave Shaper, which is the last rapid on the Classic Rafting Trip.

We encourage having a group of 4 so we can open a trip, however, smaller groups can call and find out if there are other groups going out that have the space for more guests. 

Whitewater Express also offers ziplining in Georgia  year-round, so those who think whitewater rafting will be too cold can still experience an adventure with us. Groups can also both raft and zipline with us for a full day of fun!

Both rafting and zipline adventures can be booked on our website, or over the phone. Reservations are recommended at least two hours in advance to ensure staff are ready to take you on your adventure! We at Whitewater Express look forward to your visit!

Whitewater Express is your premier white water rafting and zipline experience company located in Columbus, GA. Find your thrill just steps off the pavement.