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Chattahoochee River Flow

The secret honey holes
on the Chattahoochee

The 2.5 mile whitewater section of the Chattahoochee River (Rushsouth) which spans from the North Highlands Dam to the Columbus Trade Center sees constant fluctuations in flow rates coming directly from the North Highlands Hydroelectric Dam. Freestyle kayakers can find an abundance of great features from put-in to take-out if they know where to look. Here is a local’s guide to a Chattahoochee river kayaking map!

Typical Chattahoochee River Flow Levels


The typical Chattahoochee river flow levels range from 780 CFS-13,800 CFS.

1 Unit = ~900 CFS 

2 Units = ~4500 CFS

3 Units = ~9000 CFS

4 Units = ~13000 CFS


Flows exceeding 13,000 likely include overflow from the dam’s spillway and can be read via the USGS 14th Street Gauge.

To read the Georgia Power River Levels report, select “North Highlands (Bibb Mill Pond)” in the dropdown menu. This page provides tentative River Flow forecasts.

To find the CFS (cubic feet per second) flow on the USGS 14th Street Gauge, scroll down to “Discharge, cubic feet per second”. This page provides historical data and updates every hour.

Chattahoochee River Features

Ready to hit the river but want to find the absolute best Chattahoochee River kayaking? Choose your adventure with a variety of mild to wild options.

Good Wave

  • Location: Just off the Georgia Riverwalk, down the steps by the iconic water tower next to the Eagle & Phenix Mill
  • Style: Standing Wave
  • In at: 900-13000 CFS
  • Best at: 9000 CFS
  • ICF Freestyle World Championship Feature 2023, 2x USA Freestyle National Championships

Monkey Wrench

  • Location: Directly under 13th Street Bridge
  • Style: Hole
  • In at: 13000 CFS
  • Best at: 13000 CFS

Great Wave

  • Location: Immediately downstream from Good Wave
  • Style: Wave
  • In at: 4500-9000 CFS
  • Best at: 9000 CFS

Big Nasty

  • Location: River Right off the shoulder of Good Wave
  • Style: Trashy Hole
  • In at: 900-9000 CFS
  • Best at: 4500 CFS


  • Location: River Right at the Put-In
  • Style: Wave/Hole
  • In at: 4500-9000 CFS 
  • Best at: 4500 CFS


  • Location: Upstream of Waveshaper Rapid
  • Style: Dynamic Wave/Hole
  • In at: 900-9000 CFS
  • Best At: 4500 CFS

Player's Lounge

  • Location: Under 13th Street Bridge on River Right
  • Style: Hole
  • In at: 9000 CFS
  • Best at: 9000 CFS


  • Location: At the first bend of the River Left Channel just past City Mills
  • Style: Unpredictable Pourover Hole
  • In at: 4500-9000 CFS
  • Best at: 9000 CFS


  • Location: Directly upstream of Good Wave, the middle wave of Waveshaper
  • Style: Surging Wave
  • In at: 900-20000 CFS
  • Best at: Anytime Good Wave is flushed out!

Additional River Features

Chattahoochee River Flow
Still looking for more Chattahoochee river kayaking water to explore? Here are the premier features at each standard water level.
~900 (1 Unit): Big Nasty (aka Little Nasty)
~4500 (2 Units): Ambush
~9000 (3 Units): Good Wave
~13000 (4 Units): Monkey Wrench

Elevated Flow Favorite Features

  • Southern Fried Stakeout: Massive standing wave at City Mills (40k+)
  • Second Helping: Secondary wave behind SFSO at City Mills (60k+)
  • Rookie Crusher: River left in the sneak route to Waveshaper (26k+)
  • Supernova: Just below the site of Cutbait’s Barfight Hole (20k+)
  • Wall Wave: River Left near the top of Tie Snake (22k+)
  • Donkey Kong: Under 13th Street Bridge in the main channe
  • Monkey’s Uncle: Playhole under 14th Street bridge (20k+)

Disclaimer: Written from a freestyle kayaking perspective. Ask us about other great features for inflatables etc such as J-Hole, Vortex and Happy Hour. Need a kayak rental, we’ve got you coverd.

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