Best White Water in Georgia

Best White Water Rafting in Georgia

April 28, 2022

Whitewater rafting in Columbus, Georgia is a must-do during your Georgia vacation! If you’re looking for the best whitewater rafting in Georgia, taking a rafting trip down the mighty rapids of the Chattahoochee River provides an unforgettable experience that your whole family will be talking about for years. On the trip, you will also take a deep dive into the history of Columbus and Phenix City along with many unique facts about the river and the Chattahoochee Valley. At Whitewater Express, we offer rafting trips from mild to wild and cater to all desired levels of adventure! 

Choose Your Georgia White Water Rafting Trip

Our Classic Rafting trip is geared to families and well.. EVERYBODY!  Anyone looking to have a fun introduction to whitewater and those who are just looking for a good time on the river will love it!

The Challenge Trip, is where it really gets wild and is offered only in the afternoon due to an increase in flow from Georgia Power’s North Highlands Dam. On this trip our rafters have the opportunity to run one of the wildest and largest rapids on the East coast called Cutbait. This rapid really packs a punch! Another highlight is running multiple laps of our most popular rapid and the home to our World Class “Good Wave” competition feature, Waveshaper! We are here to provide one of the best and certainly most memorable adventures of your life. Not only is this the best whitewater rafting in Georgia but also the longest stretch of urban Whitewater River in the World!

Best white water rafting in Georgia

What You Can Expect

Your day of adventure will begin right when you arrive at our Outpost to check-in with our incredible front desk staff.

Check-in is a breeze and our front desk staff are ready to help guide you through it. After you’ve checked in, you will be prompted to head to the back room where our whitewater guide staff will gear you up according to your trip specifications.   

As soon as the whole group has been properly geared up and has received a safety speech prepping you for the trip, you will be shuttled just a few miles upstream to our river put-in where your Whitewater rafting adventure will begin!  

Let Your White Water Rafting Trip Begin

This is where it really gets GOOD! Once on the water, your adventure will come to life as our trained professional whitewater guides take you through the rapids and down the Chattahoochee River. Guides will see you through big splashy waves and rapids but that’s not all!  As you meander downstream through each rapid your guide will enlighten you to the awesome history and magnificent growth of our beautiful city, which has occurred post-dam removal and restoration! Your trip will last approximately 2+ hours and afterwards we will have something epic waiting for you back at the shop! 

Best white water rafting Georgia

Memories That Last

If you’re thinking trip photos, you got it! After returning from your whitewater adventure, you will head straight back to the shop where you first checked in. Our shop also has a wide selection of boats, whitewater gear, and all things souvenirs! If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, be prepared to browse through our Outfitter’s store for quite some time.

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