A Lesson With The Pros

Skill Specific Kayak Training

An intermediate-advanced course designed to work on or practice a particular skill with one of our Instructors!


2 hours long


Minimum age 12 years old

About This Trip

Trip Highlights:

    • Take your kayaking skills to the next level
    • Learn from the pros
    • Choose a particular skill to practice and skip the basics


Want to work with an instructor on a particular skill? Skip the basics and get right to it. Whether you want to focus on your roll, dial in the double-pump, learn to initiate the bow/stern, playboating moves, etc, one of our awesome instructors would love to work with you!  Schedule a 2-hour lesson to dial in your roll or focus on more advanced skills, such as but not limited to: Stern Squirts and Stalls, the Double Pump, Bow Stalls, Cartwheels and all things Playboating!

What To Bring

What To Wear

Quick dry, active wear or a swimsuit.

Shoes Are Required

Water shoes, Sandals with a heel strap or old sneakers.

Leave It In The Car

We have 12 x12 lockers for rent. However we recommend that you leave behind all valuables or anything you do not want to lose!

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need experience as all trips are Professionally Guided, but you should be comfortable in and around water. Guides will be in a separate boat near you but not in your boat.

You will get very wet as you will be going through big slashes and waves as you enjoy our great rapids. You also have the choice to float out of the boat the lazy river “habitat float” a narrow mild section of our river that flows through a Blue Heron rookery.

Going for a short swim is always a possibility of a whitewater trip. You’ll be wearing a Type V USCG-approved personal flotation device and we’ll brief everyone on what to expect and how to behave in the event that someone does fall out.

Surfing in a raft is one of the most fun things on our river. Surfing happens when the raft rides in a wave without flipping. This involves skillful maneuvers from your guide. Since surfing happens in instances when the raft is balanced on top of rapidly circulating water, the chances of having an out of the boat experience is increased.


Just can’t get enough whitewater time?

Our Season Pass gives you unlimited access to Classic and Challenge rafting trips on the Chattahoochee River. Additionally, passes allow unlimited use of the Blue Heron Zip Line. This pass is valid one year from the date of purchase.

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